Why choose Focus Cosmetic Medicine?

Dr. Camilla & Dr. Kate

Wrinkles and fine lines are usually one of the most visible signs of ageing, and can make us feel less confident about the way we look. The doctors at Focus Cosmetic Medicine understand this and are here to help you achieve a natural and refreshed look.  Cosmetic medicine (including cosmetic injectable therapy) is a common, safe and effective way to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. At Focus Cosmetic Medicine you will only receive products from the leading pharmaceutical companies and they will be administered by medical practitioners who are trained to assess your anatomy and treat you accordingly.

At Focus Cosmetic Medicine we do just that: we focus on you to give you the natural and refreshed result that you want, while making sure you’re in the safest hands under our doctors’ care.

Focus Cosmetic Medicine has been founded by two female doctors who are passionate about providing a personalised, dedicated, and individualised approach to cosmetic medicine. Our services include a range of anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle injections designed to achieve a natural, refreshed look, empowering women to feel more confident about the face they present to the world.

We want to make clients feel comfortable about the way they look by emphasising and highlighting their natural features, rather than changing them. We want to focus on our clients concerns, not recommend treatments based on a formulaic sales-based approach. After all, not everyone uses the same medications and doses to treat medical issues like high blood pressure and diabetes: instead they have a treatment regimen that they design with a doctor to ensure best quality of life. Why should cosmetic medical therapies be any different? The answer, quite simply, is that they shouldn’t.

In an industry where there is a shift toward remote (Skype) doctor consultations and prescriptions, with minimal to no direct patient contact by the prescribing doctor, we believe in providing a more personalised, tailored and medically supervised service. At Focus Cosmetic Medicine, patients will always have a face-to-face consultation with a qualified and experienced cosmetic physician who will oversee their treatment from beginning to end.

Our philosophy is that each and every patient should be under the direct care of a medical professional through each step of any medical treatment, from consultation and prescription to administering therapy.

Each patient will undertake an in-person facial assessment with an anatomically trained medical doctor, discussing their appearance concerns and wishes prior to prescribing any treatment. This allows you to get a medically prescribed, individualised care plan centred around your own personal input, rather than the formulaic approach that many clinics take.

Our goal is to change the ‘one size fits all’ injectables approach that has become standard in this industry, because everyone is different: from their worries about how they look, to their anatomy. Therefore each treatment plan must be different as well. Our approach allows us to focus entirely on our clients results and well-being, whilst ensuring a natural aesthetic outcome – hence our name “Focus Cosmetic Medicine”.

Our difference:

  • Face to face consultations with a medical professional
  • You will never have a remote or Skype consultation with Focus Cosmetic Medicine
  • We are dedicated to cosmetic injectables, so there is never any pressure to sign up for a range of other treatments
  • We offer a more personalised service, where you will build a relationship with your Doctor

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