Dermal fillers are used to smooth away wrinkles and changes in the shape of your face that make you look tired or older. They can reduce the heavy changes in the jaw (or jowel) that happens as part of the ageing process. Similarly they can be used to accentuate lips or cheekbones

As we get older, our face loses structure and tissue volume, altering our facial contours and causing subtle changes that make us look older. Dermal Fillers replace this structure and tissue volume, minimising the changes that age us.


Treatments available

  • Cheek/mid-face revolumisation (can reduce a ‘tired’ appearance, including dark circles in some cases)
  • Lip revolumisation and enhancement
  • Tear trough revolumisation (can reduce appearance of dark circles under eyes)
  • Jaw lift (can reduce jowl sagging)
  • Marionette line revolumisation (can improve ‘grumpy’/’angry’ lower face lines)
  • Reduction of fine lines around mouth and mid/lower face
  • Temple revolumisation
  • Improvement of cheek/buccal hollowing and fine lines
  • Chin revolumisation (can balance face and reduce the drawn appearance of jaw recession)


How these treatments work toward helping us achieve our goal:

When performed by an experienced and qualified medical professional, these therapies make an enormous impact on the way we look in a very subtle and natural way.

At Focus Cosmetic Medicine our therapies lead to soft and gentle enhancements, helping you to appear healthy and refreshed, not overdone and plastic. Our most common client feedback is that they are asked if they have been on holiday, or if they have had their hair done after receiving treatment – no one would ever guess that their secret is seeing us.  We work with you to achieve the most natural and flattering results. This is how we put the focus on you.